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Ortrexyl Profile . Ortrexyl - Metribolone also known as Methyltrienolone from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is considered to be the most potent AAS produced. It is actually an orally active form of Trenbolone chemically altered into a 17-alkylated compound. Obviously, this means serious liver toxicity .Most simply put, Methyltrienolone is the oral version of trenbolone acetate.

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Ortrexyl for Sale. Ortrexyl (AKA Methyltrienolone) Chemical Name: 17beta-Hydroxy-17-methylestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one Molecular Weight: 284.3974 g/mol Formula: C19H24O2 Half Life: 4-6 hours Detection Time: Unknown Anabolic Rating: 12,000 Androgenic Rating: 6,000 Effective Dosage for Men: 500 – 750 mcg/day Effective Dosage for Women: Not recommended

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Ortrexyl [1000 Tablets] Hot Sale. Oral Steroid for Muscle Growth Basal Constituent: Methyltrienolone Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals 1000 pastilles (250 mcg/tablet) Price: 10 x $15.00 = $150.00 in Total

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Buy legit Ortrexyl online in USA: 100 pills (250 mcg/pill). Active substance in Ortrexyl is Methyltrienolone and it is made by Kalpa Pharma. Real Ortrexyl for sale.