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    [Sustaxyl 350]
    Anabolic Steroid (For Intramuscular Injection)
    Base Substance: Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone PhenylPropionate, Testosterone Propionate
    Branded by: Kalpa Pharmacy
    Unit: 1 X 10 ml (350 mg/ml)
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    [Thyroxyl T3]
    Thyroid Hormone
    Base Ingredient: Liothyronine Sodium
    Manufactured by: Kalpa Pharma
    One pack contains: 1 X 100 tabs (25 mcg/tablet)
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    [Cutaxyl 150]
    Anabolic Steroid (For Intramuscular Injection)
    Basal Component: Drostanolone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate, Testosterone Propionate
    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharma
    Quantity: 1 X 10 ml (150 mg/ml)
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    [Dianoxyl 50 - Discount Price]
    Administration: Oral
    Principal Component: Methandrostenolone
    Produced by: Kalpa Pharma
    Unit: 10 x 20 tablets (50 mg/tablet)
    Price: 10 x $26.00
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    Producer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Basic Ingredient: Oxymetholone
    Package: 50 pastilles (50 mg/pill)
  • Turanaxyl

    Active Substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone 10mg
    Made by: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Amount: 100 pills
    Classification: Anabolic steroid
    Chemical name: 4-chloro-17b-hydroxy-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-dien-3-one
    Formula: C20H27O2Cl
    Anabolic activity index: 180%
    Androgenic activity index: 50%
    Active half-life: 16 Hours
    Dosage: Men -> 20-50 mg/day
    Acne: Yes
    Water Retention: Low
    HBR: Perhaps
    Hepatotoxicity: Yes
    Aromatization: No
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    [Thyroxyl (T3)]
    Pharmaceutical Name: Liothyronine Sodium
    Made by: Kalpa Pharm
    Presentation: 100 tabs (25 mcg/tablet)
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    [Cutaxyl 150]
    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmacy
    Main Ingredient: Drostanolone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate,
    Testosterone Propionate
    Packaged: 10 x 10 mL vial (150 mg/mL)
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    Oral Anabolic Steroid
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    Oral Steroid for Muscle Growth
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    50 tabs (25 mg/pill)
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    Oral Anabolic Steroid
    Basic Constituent: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
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    Price per 100 tabs: 27.00 USD
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    [Primoxyl 100]
    Produced by: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Pharmaceutical Name: Methenolone Enanthate
    Pack: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)
    Common Name: Primobolan Depot

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Letroxyl: Buy Legit Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Steroids Post ...

Letroxyl (Letrozole) by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals: results, dosages, cycles and side effects. Letroxyl is an oral drug manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and containing as active substance Letrozole which is considered to be the third generation aromatase inhibitor that attaches to the aromatase enzyme and prevents it from converting androgens to estrogen.

Letroxyl (Letrozole) | Kalpa Pharmaceuticals | Buy ...

Letroxyl (Letrozole) Letroxyl (Letrozole) is a non-steroidal selective third generation aromatase inhibitor. The structure and activity of this compound are very similar to that of Arimidex (anastrozole), and it is prescribed for similar medical purposes.More specifically, U.S. prescribing guidelines for letrozole recommend it be usedfor the treatment of post menopausal women with estrogen ...

Buy Letroxyl (Letrozole) High Quality Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

One may increase the dose to 0.5mg but it increases the possibility of side effects, especially decrease in sexual desire. It is also worth noting that if taken for a long period of time, one may suffer from impaired lipid profile and immune system due to low estrogen levels. Letrozole may also be used for post-cycle therapy.

Letroxyl / Letrozole / Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Steroids

The Post Cycle Therapy category has been updated with HCG Pregnyl Organon and is available for $29 per 1 amp + the solvent. HCG Pregnyl is the liquid, purified prescription form of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Pregnyl contains the luteinizing hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone. Read More »

Buy Letroxyl aka Femara | Letrozole by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

What is Letroxyl. Letroxyl with active substance Letrozole is an inhibitor of aromatase. This drug is most powerful when compared with Anastrozole. However, among all of the aromatase inhibitors for post cycle therapy, Letrozole is the most expensive one. Good results are obtained by using only half of the tablet of Letroxyl.