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Gen-Shi Laboratories thrives on challenges — it built its business and gained its reputation specializing in manufacturing hard-to-develop active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Founded in 2003, GenShi Labs develops and manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used worldwide by the generic drug industry. It specializes in the discovery of new syntheses for target molecules. The company puts an emphasis on products that leverage GenShi Laboratories' competitive edge: its thorough understanding of regulatory issues, patents, chemistry, and its ability to produce difficult to synthesize products. API development is focused on scarce molecules for the American, European, and other international markets.

Gen-Shi Laboratories works closely with customers, developing tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ precise requirements. The company places the highest priority on client needs and requirements from project initiation through final production. It offers complete support throughout the development stage, preparation of drug master files, and assistance throughout the approval process.

From milligrams to multi-tons, from lab scale to mini pilot to full scale, all production complies to strict cGMP standards. Key products include Dianabol, Stanozolol, Clenbuterol, Deca, Testo-S, Testo-C and other Gen-Shi Labs products.

Technologies include proprietary catalysts for hydrogenations, large-scale Grignard reactions, high-pressure reactions, chiral synthesis, high-potency compounds (steroids), and prostaglandins (under development).

Gen Shi Laboratories dedicates much of its time and resources to research and development; in fact, 20% of its staff focus exclusively on R&D. In addition, Gen Shi Laboratories partners for research with specialized companies in locations around the world.

Gen Shi Labs' commitment to excellence is exemplified by its pristine record of FDA audits and approvals for marketing of manufactured products in the United States.

It is committed to protecting health, safety, and the environment through continuous monitoring and stringent quality assurance programs. Gen Shi Laboratories' products are marketed around the globe from Europe to the Americas and the Asian subcontinent.

Gen Shi Laboratories' 100% held U.S. subsidiary, GenShi Labs USA Inc., is focused on meeting its U.S. clients needs by providing sales, imports, and distribution, as well as customer support.

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