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Gen-Shi Laboratories' Research & Development program optimizes the benefits of integrating chemical and pharmaceutical development and invests in products that take advantage of Gen-Shi Labs' technical know-how and expert skills.

The company's focus is on topical finished dosage forms and APIs that are not readily available. Its emphasis is on topical prescription generics for the U.S. market; APIs for the U.S., Europe, and other international markets, and generic pharmaceuticals for the European market.

GenShi Labs constantly strives to identify pharmaceuticals that have the potential to become Gen-Shi products: either those whose patents are due to expire or those that have attractive local patent status. Gen-Shi Company actively identifies patent opportunities for its processes and products, both in pharmaceuticals and APIs.

Over the years, the company has filed many applications for patent registration in various countries worldwide for products, formulations, novel synthesis, and innovative crystalline forms that it has developed. The Gen-Shi Labs Group companies currently hold 22 patents.

Gen-Shi Labs' research alliances go beyond Japan's shores. The company has established important research alliances with specialists in the United States, Germany, Italy, India, China, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Ukraine.

The company's commitment to R&D is unwavering - it dedicates more than $20 million dollars annually in its pursuit of product development. The Gen-Shi Labs Group's R&D scientific and regulatory team includes more than 30 Ph.D's and 150 life science professionals.

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